Jan Ketel​-​Girliewood EP incl. Luvless RMX | Vinyl Only!

by Tieffrequent

  • 12" Vinyl


    Pure warmth and a deephouse-beauty by east-german arrangement-perfectionist Jan Ketel. Including a not-from this-world version by Rose Record's Luvless and a collaboration with his mate Siggatunez, Jan Ketel's Girliewood EP leads you to the warmer days and brings heat to the floor.

    A1-Starting with the title song, Jan Ketel introduces us to his understanding of deepness. A warmand thick pad wrapped into a filigree arrangement of percussive high-drums, combined with an impulsive kick-drum, Girliewood builds a paralyzing intro. It develops to a first break, which emphasizes the deep groove to the point, when the kick drum comes back again. It becomes a very groovy and harmonic song, which builds itself up again. Added with well arranged keys and constantly moving drum-elements, it gets to the point where it came from.
    -One piece of pure deephouse-

    A2-is Luvless' slower version of Walking Away (B2), which could be described as a drifty but sedate floor-filler. Luvless uses a well collected drum-set, containing a very pregnant dynamic and organic clap-sound combined with a constantly playing murder-bassline at the beginning. Step by step and in a well thought-out way, main elements of the original enter the song to a part you could call the height. After that it comes to a long break, which prepares and makes you needing the last part. Luvless brings back the full effect and rounds up his version by minimizing it to a percussive end, containing that heavy bassline. It ends where it started and fits more than perfectly into the context of the whole EP. What a killer...thanks for that!
    -Luvless trademark to the fullest-

    B1- Background is a co-production with his buddy Siggatunez. Characterized by a dirty rhodeschord- line and a very dynamic and constantly moving arrangement, it perfectly flows from the beginning to the end. In between, a lot of sample-work happens, which mainly includes a divided voice, a chopped piano-line and an electric key-patch and makes Background highly melodic and harmonic.
    -Perfect interaction between Jan & Siggi-

    B2-Walking Away drives heavy from the beginning on. A pumping bassline-kickdrum-clapensemble directly screws into your stomach to a point, where the very warm and harmonic main pad/bell/electric-key-sample appears from nowhere. From this time on, Walking Away rises up to a height by adding very nice but descent parts step by step. It does not stop flowing until it comes to the break, which makes you just wanting more...and you will get exactly what you need, when the kick-drum drops again...till Jan brings it to a perfect end.
    -Deep Forward & Soul Touching-

    The Girliewood EP is a piece of music as we all deserve it...round, deep, warm and a must have this summer...Jan Ketel gets your soul moving.

    Artwork by Vanessa Vadineanu
    Mixed by Gwen Torino
    Mastering & Cut by Andreas Kauffelt/Schnittstelle Frankfurt
    Pressing by R.A.N.D. Muzik Leipzig

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released June 15, 2015



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Tieffrequent Berlin, Germany

Tieffrequent is a Vinyl label with a focus on house, deephouse and deepdisco music.

It was founded by Siggatunez in Berlin in March 2013.

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