Lootbeg​-​Never Doubt About EP | Vinyl Only!

by Tieffrequent

  • 12 " Vinyl


    TFQ008-Lootbeg-Never Doubt About EP incl. Jan Ketel RMX

    A soulful & rough house-killer-4-track-EP by LE's finest Lootbeg including an -as deep as possible- slowed down version by Jan Ketel. Thanx for that!

    A1-Your Love Is A Vacuum (w&p by Lootbeg)
    Starting with a drifty kickdrum-percussion-pattern, „Your Love Is a Vacuum“ builds up to a chord-focussed harmonic song with a discreetly varying sound in the background and catches you completely. There comes the point, a subtle subb-bassline floats in, gives it way more more drive and leads you straight to the dancefloor. A short break marks the second part and introduces a heavy hihat ensemble that combines the low frequencies with the chord-pattern to a seriously soul-touching rough house-track. „Your Love Is A Vacuum“ disappeares to where it came from. Constantly changing filigrane elements make „Your Love Is A Vacuum“ a very dynamic song.

    A2-Sophisticated (w&p by Lootbeg)
    Perfectly arranged deephouse track with a focus on the main elements. Starting with the drumsection „Sophisticated“ becomes accompanied by a melodic bassline after some bars. The main deeply impressive grand piano chord-line slowly flows in and completes the harmonic structure perfectly. In a very careful way the pianochord line as the main element gets slightly filtered up and down at the right times. Little changes of the hidrums, adding and removing small parts, a height with a break and a catchy flow from start to finish make „Sophisticated“ a hopeful and emotional deephouse-track.

    B1-They Wonder Why (w&p by Lootbeg)
    Also starting with the drumset „They Wonder Why“ developes to a deephouse track you couldn't imagine any deeper from that Moment on, when a sizzling deep massive padsound comes in. It builts the backbone of this beautiful song and in combination with the well arranged hidrums, especially the clap, „They Wonder Why“ flows up and down and in the end together. The perfectly carved out break in the middle and the well-thought-out use of a voice snippet „They Wonder Why“ magically merges to one piece.

    B2-They Wonder Why [Jan Ketel RMX] (w&p by Jan Ketel)
    Jan Ketel's slower version of „They Wonder Why“ rolls in...like nothing else. Laid-back and stomping at the same time with the use of the warmest kickdrum in this world and that sizzling deep massive padsound. Also a constantly appearing chord starts playing which gives the remix a very paralizing effect. In the middle, the remix changes ist character completly. An acid-flavoured jumping bassline starts playing in the break and the padsound disappears. The combination of the kickdrum, the steady chord and that bassline makes Jan Ketels Version a slow but powerful floorfiller. It ends with that wonderful kickdrum padsound-ensemble.

    Lootbeg's „Never Doubt About EP“ is rich in diversity and musicality and delivers insight into an established knowledge of the deeper shade of house music. Completed by a very own version by Jan Ketel the „Never Doubt About EP“ is a must have!

    Artwork by Vanessa Vadineanu/Berlin
    Mixed and mastered by Gwen Torino/Berlin
    Vinylcut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle/Berlin
    Manufactured by R.A.N.D. Muzik/Leipzig
    Distributed by All Ears/Sheffield

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released February 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Tieffrequent Berlin, Germany

Tieffrequent is a Vinyl label with a focus on house, deephouse and deepdisco music.

It was founded by Siggatunez in Berlin in March 2013.

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