Siggatunez & Oliver Bernstein​-​When Mia Meets Rosi EP | Vinyl Only!

by Tieffrequent

  • Record/Vinyl

    Raw, deep, funky...nothing more to say!! 4 dope housejoints by tag-team Siggatunez & Oliver Bersnstein. „When Mia meets Rosi EP“is their second collaboration project after the successful „Funkplace EP“. Get down!

    A1-“No Life Without Hustle“ (w&p by Siggatunez & Oliver Bernstein) is a drifty and funky housegroover which directly starts with the main chords and some sluggish claps. After adding percussion elements and a funky and rhythmic guitarchord, „No Life Without Hustle“ becomes a very dynamic housetune in the moment when the kickdrum-bassline-ensemble appears. After the first part it changes its character within the first break. A dreamy trumpet, a restrained pad and a recurring pianochord transform the funkgroove into a deeper pattern. The second part directly leads into the second break which prepares the return to where „No Life Without Hustle“ started.
    -Get da funk on!-

    A2-“Dreamcatcher“ (w&p by Siggatunez) seems to be a combination of classic deephousechords as well as sampled and chopped piano-melody-lines...but it is not!!! It begins with a stomping kickdrum and a weird dark and cosmic athmosphere accompanied by some well programmed accented hihats. Leading into the first break where some pianochords appear from nowhere, „Dreamcatcher“ changes from a basement-stomper to a hopeful deephousetrack full of filigrane elements flying through the room. When the kickdrum drops to introduce the second part also a heavy bassline appears and gives the whole track a really rough nuance. „Dreamcatcher“ is full of ups and downs and finally ends where it came from.
    -Weird & cosmic, hopeful & raw...what a floorfiller!-

    B1-“Gotzkovsky“ (w&p by Oliver Bernstein) is pure deepness. It mainly consists of sounds from a piano which are used very considered. There's a pad flowing in at the beginning acompained by a kick drum. During the first few minutes it rises constantly to a point where drifty percussions and a deep sub bassline complete „Gotzkovky“ to a very impressing deephouse track. After a break deep pianochords appear and emphasise the concise kickdrum-bassline-ensemble to a mindblowing but also meditative piece of music. It appears but will defenitely stay in your mind for a while.
    -Pure's magic!-

    B2-“Chill My Hand Like That“ (w&p by Siggatunez & Oliver Bernstein) is an ode to music and vinyl. This is why it was mainly made of samples recorded directly from vinyl into an MPC. It starts with the main pad/electric key sample which flows during the whole track. After some loops a very wise man, you might know, starts talking about what music and vinyl means to him. While talking a heavy kick drum starts playing and turns „Chill My Hand Like That“ into a slow, deep and sedate groove. In the second part a guitarchord appears and in combination with some dreamy bells in the background it is a vision of musics importance.
    -Chilled and wise with a lil' sizzling noise.-

    „When Mia meets Rosi EP“ is a very versatile and high-quality piece of music by two guys who proved their knowledge about sound, production and musical understanding. Thank You for that!

    Artwork by Vanessa Vadineanu
    Mixed by Gwen Torino
    Mastering & Cut by Andreas Kauffelt/Schnittstelle Frankfurt
    Pressing by R.A.N.D. Muzik Leipzig

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released November 23, 2015



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Tieffrequent Berlin, Germany

Tieffrequent is a Vinyl label with a focus on house, deephouse and deepdisco music.

It was founded by Siggatunez in Berlin in March 2013.

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